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A guy walks into a bar and sets a bag down on the stool next to him. He orders two drinks and when they come, he drinks one and quickly opens the bag, pours the other into the bag then closes it again as quick as he can. He orders two more drinks and repeats the procedure again. After the third round of drinks the bartender's curiosity gets the better of him and he asks the guy what he is doing.

"You don't want to know," he says. But the bartender insists on knowing. The guy reaches down and opens the bag. As the bartender leans over to look in the bag a little man about a foot tall jumps out and runs down the bar kicking over drinks and cursing at all the patrons. Running back up the bar he stops and unzips his pants and pees on the bar then jumps off the bar and back into the bag. The bartender demands to know just what the hell that was all about.

"Well," the guy says, "I was in the desert last year and I came across a rattle snake. I was about to kill it when it reared up and started talking to me. It said if I did not kill it it would grant me a wish. Well I thought about it and asked for a 12-inch prick and that's him!"

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