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A farmer had a fairly large herd of cows and three bulls. Each bull keeps a strict eye on his portion of the cows. A rumor comes around that the farmer is going to get another bull and the three bulls are standing in the field discussing this.

The first bull says, "Well, there's no way he's going to get any of my cows." The second bull agrees, "Yeah, I'm not giving up any. He can wait till next year and get some of the new ones." The third bull who was a bit smaller says, "I don't have as many as you guys so I'm not giving any up."

Finally, the new bull arrives. To the consternation of the other three he is the biggest, meanest Aberdeen Angus bull they have ever seen, with hooves like flint anvils. He comes strolling down the ramp and glares at them. He's at least three times bigger than any of them.

The first bull looks around nervously and says, "Well now, I suppose it would be a neighbourly thing to give this guy some cows. I guess I'll give him twenty of mine."
The second says, "Yeah, I guess so. I'll give him thirty of mine."

They look over at the small bull. He's busy pawing the grass, snorting, and shaking his head. They go over and ask him what he's doing and suggest that he should give up some cows too.

"Yes I know," he says. "I'm just making sure he knows I'm a bull!"

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