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A koala enters a popular tavern in Melbourne and sits down at the bar. It isn't long after he's sipping on a martini when he's approached by a prostitute. She sits down next to him and asks him if he'd like to have sex with her in the back room. Being a typical male, the koala complies and follows the slut to the back room. He wails away on her and then returns to the bar. He grabs his coat and heads for the door.

He doesn't quite make it out before the hooker asks him where he is going and when he intended on paying her for the sex. She tells him to look up the word "prostitute" in the dictionary.

It read "prostitute-one who receives money for sex"

The koala then hands the dictionary to the prostitute and tells her to look up "koala."

It read "koala-a member of the marsupial family who eats bush and leaves."

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