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Why can't blondes take coffee breaks? They're too hard to re-train.

What do you call 9 blondes in a circle? A dope ring.

Why can't blondes be pharmacists? Because they can't figure out how to fit the bottle in the typewriter.

What's the definition of eternity? 4 blondes at a 4 way stop.

Why do blondes have TGIF on their shoes? "Toe goes in first".

What did the blonde say when she looked into the box of Cheerios? "OH LOOK!!! Donut seeds."

What do you call a blonde with two brain cells? Pregnant with twins.

Three blondes walked into a bar. You'd think that one of them would have seen it.

How do you know there's a blonde secretary working in an office? The boss is always smiling.

Why is a blonde like a mosquito? She starts sucking, you keep slapping her away and she comes back for more.

Why is a blonde like a bowling ball? You finger her three times, you shag her down an alley and she always comes back for more.

Why is a blonde like a tv? A child can turn her on.

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