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An old rabbi, seeing his son graduate from high school, wanted to know what be the youth's plans. He called the son into his study and questioned him. "Son, I vish to know, what kind of career are you going to have"?

The rabbi laid on a table three items, a $100 bill, a bottle of Jamesons and the good book. He looked to the boy and said, " Ve need to know your future. If you take the $100 bill, you will become a gambler, and that is very terrible. If you take the bottle of Jamesons, you will become a drunkard and that too is very, very bad. But...If you take the good book, you will become a rabbi, like you Papa.

The young lad's mind was blank. He was just out of high school and he did not yet know what he wanted to do with his life. After a few minutes of trying to think, he finally decided there was only one answer. The boy took the $100 bill and put it in his pocket. He picked up the Jamesons in one hand and with the other grasped the good book, put it under his arm and quickly left the room.

The old rabbi was stunned. He could not understand what had just happened.

Then all of a sudden his eyes grew wide, he jumped to his feet, and slapping the side of his face he cried, "Oy Vay... He is going to become a Catholic Priest!"

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