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London bombers at Luton station
Hasib Hussain
Bus bomber Hasib Hussain
Mohammed Sidique Khan
Mohammed Sidique Khan
Shehzad Tanweer
Shehzad Tanweer
Germaine Lindsay
Germaine Lindsay
July 19, 2005
The evil that lives in our midst - the faces of the London suicide bombers
by Gulliver

Pictured are the four suicide bombers responsible for the bombing of three underground trains and a bus in London.

The chilling image captured on CCTV shows them carrying their lethal rucksacks into Luton railway station on their murderous journey to kill 56 people and injure over 700.

For all the world they look like another group of friends setting off on an innocent day's outing, But they were a terror gang on a mission of murder in the country they were born, educated and grew up in.

They are the evil that now lives amongst us - young men filled so full of hate for the country of their birth, they are prepared to kill themselves and kill others in pursuit of a twisted ideology.

This terrifying new face of Islamic fundamentalism has sent shockwaves around the world. It has raised many questions and issues that need examining and addressing.

No country or society is safe from these desperate fanatics, from the people who recruit and train them, from the teachers who turn them into lethal weapons of hatred. We are all vulnerable. We are all targets.

Three of the bombers were ethnic Pakistani Britons. The oldest was Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, who was married with one daughter. He was a teaching assistant at the Hillside Primary School in Leeds. He was accompanied by two other Leeds-born killers Hasib Hussain, 18, and sports science graduate Shehzad Tanweer, 22.

Germaine Lindsay, 19, who lived in Buckinghamshire and was born in Jamaica, made up the fourth member of the terror quartet.

Born, growing up and educated in one of the most tolerant and free societies on earth, the four practised their gospel of hate by the slaughter of that society's innocents. They chose the softest of soft targets, vulnerable train and bus commuters, for Britain's first ever suicide bombings.

It has been suggested that countries and societies need to look at new measures and approaches to defeat this new evil in our midst. This is certain to include tough legal sanctions against the "preachers of hate" who in some instances are allowed preach their ideology of hate and violence with impunity.

Egyptian "theologian of terror" preacher Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi was amazingly allowed to visit London last year following an invitation by the Mayor Ken Livingstone.

A supporter of suicide bombings he announced on that occasion that Allah give "the weak what the strong do not possess and that is the ability to turn their bodies into bombs."

As well as a travel ban on these hate preachers, what is certain to be looked at in the war against the Islamic extremist terrorists is improving intelligence, tightening security, and a higher degree of co-operation between countries.

Islam itself has enormous challenges to meet - like facing the dark demons of fundamentalism. British Prime Minister Tony Blair called for the mobilising of the "moderate and true voice of Islam."

Blair spoke of "an extreme and evil ideology whose roots lie in a perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of the religion of Islam." The British Premier said this evil within the Muslim community could only be taken on and defeated by the community itself.

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