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April 14, 2007
myspace house horror
MySpace house party horror - my home was raped, says mum
by Gulliver

It is every parent's nightmare - arriving back to a trashed home after your teenage kid's MySpace party invitation unleashes the party from hell.

More than 200 revelers trashed 17-year-old Rachael Bell's house in County Durham, England, after a 'Skins' party was advertised on her MySpace website.

The partygoers - some of them travelled 300 miles from London to the normally quiet cul-de-sac in Woodstone Village - burned holes in carpets, chairs and mattresses.

They smashed mirrors and urinated on the family's clothing.

The mob ground broken bottles and glasses into the carpets, emptied every drawer and flung clothes around the lawn.

Rachael's mother Elaine returned home from a short caravan break to find plastic buckets filled with vomit, walls splattered with whipped cream, and cigarette butts and condoms littered throughout the house.

Even Elaine's wedding dress was pulled out from a wardrobe and urinated on.

The 48-year-old teacher said: "Whoever has come in here are worse than animals. The house has been raped, totally violated. We're homeless. We can't live here."

Rachael's father Alan added: "The house is a wreck. I don't think it will ever be the same."

Rachael was arrested by police on suspicion of causing criminal damage and later freed on bail.

Too ashamed to face her mum, she apologized to her from a hideaway: "It was supposed to be just a few friends but it turned into a nightmare.

"People we didn't know were pulling up in taxis. We bolted the doors. But they were coming in through the windows. I was powerless to stop it. It was surreal.

"I'm really sorry, mam," she said

An estimated £20,000 ($40,000) damage was caused to the four-bedroom detached house.

During the wrecking spree seven police cars and a dog unit were called to the scene. But because the guests had been invited they could not throw them out.

Horrified neighbors patrolled their homes with golf clubs during the all-night mayhem.

The invitation on Rachael's MySpace website appeared under the heading "lets all trash the average family-sized house disco party".

But the sixth-form student claimed classmates hacked into her website and altered the invitation, inviting teens from across the country to an all-night 'Skins' party.

This promised a bash as wild as those on the cult Channel 4 television sex and drug drama 'Skins'.

Amazingly Elaine's last words to her daughter before she left were: "I don't want any kids or drink in the house".

The Bell family - who have three other children aged nine, 11 and 13 - has been staying in emergency accommodation because their home is unfit for habitation.

"I'd warn anybody having a party not to put anything on MySpace because the sites can be hacked," a very sorry Rachael said.

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