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April 4, 2008
Rampaging bull jailed for criminal damage
by Gulliver

The people in Mexico don't take any bull from anyone - especially a destructive four-legged one.
Rampaging bull jailed

Residents of a southern Mexican town got so mad when a rampaging bull eat their crops and wrecked their shops that they jailed the animal.

The people of Canalumtic had enough after their corn crops were devoured and two wooden shops were destroyed.

Police commander Felipe Gomez said the bull won't be released from the slammer until its owner pays damages, to be determined by a local judge.

The destructive animal's owner, Moises Santiz, said he will pay a maximum of 400 US dollars. That is the price he paid for the bull four months ago.

Mr Santiz said he bought the animal on November 4 and put him out to graze. But the bull vanished on March 1 and was later discovered tied up in the patio of a private home in Canalumtic, held prisoner by a furious resident.

Local residents decided it was time to take the law into their own hands and keep the beast responsible for the damage captive.

This is not the first time an animal has been jailed in Mexico's southern state of Chiapas. Last year. A dog that bit a person last year paid the price by being locked up for 12 days. His owners had to pay a 18 dollar fine.

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