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Prince Harry makes Radar cover in undies

prince harry on cover of radar

A picture of Britain's Prince Harry (see above) clutching a beer can and sitting on a throne wearing underwear with his chest bared has appeared on the cover of a US magazine.

The 22-year-old member of the British Royal Family is no stranger to controversy. He was photographed wearing a swastika at a party in 2005, for which his family later apologised. He also has a reputation for enjoying a drink.

But this time the picture is no gaffe on the young royal's part. The picture is a mock-up by Radar magazine for its September 2007 issue.

Radar's website gives viewers a "sneak preview" of September's cover story about "the secret life of England's pin-up prince."

The story by Tom Teodorczuk investigates what it calls "the louche life of Prince Harry, England's skirt-chasing, hard-partying royal pain."

An excerpt from the story featured on the website says: "Radar's September cover story, an insider account of the turbulent life of England's 22-year-old pin-up prince, reveals the details of Harry's rowdy lifestyle and his military career."

It goes on to say: "Spend any time near Prince Harry in a social setting and it's easy to see where his 'wild child' reputation comes from. He annually attends the nightclub Chinawhite's Rock the Polo tent party-held for 3,000 revelers in late July after the Cartier International Polo event at Windsor Park-looking like Jeff Spicoli in an Evelyn Waugh novel. Three years ago, dressed in his Maxim-approved attire of jeans and a baseball cap, he chucked Red Bull cans at his friends, screamed along to the Beastie Boys' 'Fight for Your Right,' then mounted a platform to kiss a girl who was celebrating her bachelorette party. And Harry was so exhausted at the end of another event that he wound up slumped on a 20-foot pile of water bottles in the VIP area."

Radar have admitted that the created cover shot was made by placing the prince's head on the body of a model.

They have defended it as a valid way to present the prince, despite some criticism in the UK - The Evening Standard royal correspondent Robert Jobson slammed the fake picture as "rude" and "a pretty bad show."

Pictured below are front pages of Britain's Sun, the tabloid which the Radar story says tracks Harry's every blunder.

the sun tracks harry's blunders

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