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rollercoaster world record

A new roller coaster marathon world record has been set by 48-year-old American university lecturer Richard Rodriguez.

The academic daredevil completed a 17-day epic ride on the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in August 2007.

The 60mph Big One at England's Blackpool Pleasure Beach is Europe's tallest roller chaster.
"As a kid, I was frightened of roller coasters but I have learned to love them," Rodriguez admitted.

He clocked up 401 hours and almost 8,000 rides, covering more than 6,300 miles (10,138km).

During the marathon he was only allowed five minutes break for every full hour ridden so he could change clothes, have a shower or enjoy a meal.

Rodriguez, from Brooklyn, New York, was going head to head with two challengers at Freizeitland Gieselwind park in Germany, but they dropped out after 36 hours for medical reasons.

The New Yorker had to eat, drink and sleep on rollercoasters as part of the challenge.

Rodriguez first broke the record for longest time spent on a roller coaster in 1977 at the age of just 18, when he stayed on the Cyclone at Coney Island for 104 hours.

His hero aviator Charles Lindbergh first inspired him to take on roller coaster marathons. This was when he heard Lindbergh had told the press "riding Cyclone was more thrilling than flying in trans-Atlantic aircraft 'Spirit of St Louis'" after completing the first ever solo non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.

A complete list of Richard Rodriguez's roller coaster marathon records:
· 1977 - The Coney Island Cyclone, USA - 104 hours
· 1978 - Swamp Fox, USA - 110 hours
· 1978 - Rebel Yell, USA- 124 hours
· 1979 - Roaring Tiger, USA - 128 hours
· 1979 - Big Dipper, England - 140 hours
· 1979 - Ghost Town Coaster, USA - 150 hours
· 1979 - PNE Flyer, Canada - 168 hours
· 1980 - Florida Hurricane, USA - 172 hours
· 1980 - Big Dipper, England - 209 hours
· 1981 - Super Manege, Canada - 220 hours
· 1982 - Superwirbel, Deutschland - 368 hours
· 1994 - Big Dipper, England - 549 hours
· 1998 - Big Dipper, England - 1000 hours (46 days)
· 2000 - Big Dipper, England - 2000 hours (3 months)
· 2001 - The Boss, USA - 100 days (daytime)
· 2002 - Expedition GeForce, Germany - 104 days (daytime)
· 2003 - Expedition GeForce-Superwirbel, Holiday Park - 194 hours
· 2007 - Pepsi Max Big One/Big Dipper, England - 401 hours

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