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wedding nightmares

Planning that wedding? Getting cold feet? Having second thoughts? As the dreaded day draws closer, maybe you're beginning to feel you're getting more that you bargained for. An interfering mother-in-law laying down the law. Your partner not fully understanding your needs. Now you're beginning to wonder what the heck you ever saw in him/her.

Then there's the hassle of all those preparations for the big day, trying to please everybody when you're really pleasing nobody, especially yourself. And the day will probably end up in a big booze-up with everybody drunk, saying rude things to one another and fighting.

As Mae West said, marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution yet.

There's only one solution. why don't you do just what the sign says, run like hell, flee while you can. It's never too late.

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I'm Poopin
I'm Poopin
Police at Work
Police at Work
One Word to Say 2 U
One Word to Say 2 U
Don't Take My Teddy
Don't Take My Teddy

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