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1. Best imitation of the boss wins everything in the supply room contest.

2. Lock-jimmying contest, immediately followed by a charity raffle of executive office furniture.

3. The battle begins for the coveted "Solitaire, Minesweeper, Tetris" Triple Crown.

4. Use boss' computer to send suggestive emails to the local chapter of NOW.

5. Visit local nude beach for daily "staff" meeting.

6. A rousing game of "Pin the Secretary's Tail on the Boss' Desk."

7. Staple that dweeb from accounting to the wall.

8. Take pictures of his favorite coffee cup in the toilet. Save for resignation day.

9. Purchasing vs. Receiving: Let's Get Ready to Rummmmbllllle!

10. Wagering on intern lip lock endurance matches in the file room.

11. "Performance reviews" given by a whimsical painted face on the shipping clerk's bare ass.

11. Convincing the boss's daughter be your intern.

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